Have you ever wondered what Patrick and the team looks like? Well... it ain't pretty. But if you REALLY want to know... we've made this page for you. Below is the bios and pictures of Patrick and the rest of the talents you hear on the show. View at your own risk... don't say we didn't warn ya!

Host / Executive Producer

Patrick has done professional music editing, producing, and production work for many years now.

He was worked in the radio industry since he was 15 years old and has enjoyed interview many superstars along the way. His favorite musical artist... Michael Jackson.


You might not hear him on the show much, but Zach plays a big role in the Weekend Top 20 show. He helps Patrick piece together the show, screens phone calls, and helps keep Patrick in line.

Zach also decides what songs we play as our Dig It or Ditch it, and our Blast From The Past!

Voice Talent

Robin has many years of experience in the radio industry, and has worked with Patrick for several years. Robin is a well known voice artist and has been heard in many radio and television commercials.